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It’s not about paying for a festival.

• It’s about bringing the REVIVING power of Jesus Christ to people

• It’s about making it affordable for families on a limited income

• It’s about removing a barrier to a reluctant coworker

• It’s about introducing a classmate to Jesus in a nonthreatening way

That’s why we want to make En Gedi Music Fest FREE.

If everyone who sees this page commits to just $10 per month (less than a general admission price for a family of four) you make it possible for people to bring as many others as they want for FREE. Bring a carload, church van, or school bus. It won’t matter. Better yet, bring that one person you wanted to come to church with you for years but couldn’t get through the door.

This Giving Tuesday you can help make it FREE

With only 1000 monthly gifts of just $10 we can make it FREE. This is about creating access to the REVIVING work of God.
Money shouldn’t be an object. 
Please consider becoming a one time OR monthly donor this Giving Tuesday.

Mark your calendars for November 30, 2021!

Disclaimer: We don’t really want to talk about this, but need to. So, what happens if we don’t have enough donors to make it FREE in 2022? Good question. We continue to seek out sponsoring agencies, businesses, churches, and ministries that share our passion to save souls and REVIVE hearts. If it’s not feasible to make it free this time around, we would hope to at least reduce the cost of tickets to greatly make it easier to attend.

If you have enjoyed the festival and want to see its impact grow and want others to enjoy the witness that is shared, join us this Giving Tuesday by giving your gift to make it FREE.

To give to EGMF on November 30, you can either text makeitfree to our Giving Number 269-883-8272 or use our Online Giving Link .