Advance Ticket Prices

Friday - $20

Saturday - $40

Two Day Ticket $55 
Children 6 and under - Free

Parking - $5 per day

Gate Prices

Friday - $25

Saturday - $45

Children 6 and under - Free

Parking - $5 per day

About EGMF

Mission Statement: To EXCITE and INSPIRE all people to live as disciples of CHRIST!

En Gedi Music Festival is a two day Christian event featuring regional and national artists.  You will enjoy a variety of national artists on the EGMF Main Stage for both days.  Saturday brings added excitement when the Tentmaker Music Stage fires up with talented regional and national artists!  

The atmosphere of this festival is perfect for families, groups and individuals.  Many people enjoy finding a shady spot and relaxing as they listen to and experience the many great artists.  Others love to go up to the stage where they eagerly join in with singing, dancing and praising God with the artists!

While Covid 19 wreaked havoc to most music festivals in 2020, EGMF was thankful that God kept the door open for the En Gedi Music Fest.  While we were impacted by things such as the inability of our anticipated food vendors to get their permits, social distancing, masks where distancing was not possible and other special precautions, we are on our knees thankful that God brought spiritual encouragement and healing to so many people who needed the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The 2020 theme of RECOVERY was brought into play well before the Carona Virus entered the picture.
What a God given theme that was!  This year's EGMF theme is REVIVE taken from Psalm 71:20

"You who have made me see many troubles and calamities will revive me again; from the depths of the earth you will bring me up again."

We can hardly wait to see the plans God has in bringing REVIVAL to, and through the Christian church to communities, families, and individuals.

Each year we invite Christian ministries to be a part of the festival.  We feel it is one of our most important jobs to connect people to the churches and ministries that are all around them.  With the side effects of Covid lock downs and precautions, many people are suffering physically, mentally, financially, emotionally and spiritually.  The list, unfortunately, goes on and on, but we have a God who is knocking at the door.  He wants to help us.  He has provided people, communities of faith and ministries all around us, and we hope that you will be able to come to the En Gedi Music Festival and either connect with someone who needs your help, or be connected with someone who can help. Come, be uplifted and encouraged as you hear the music and testimony of Christian artists.  Enjoy a weekend with your family and REVIVE!

Meet Our Staff

Executive Director - Pastor David Grimm


David is a rostered pastor in the Michigan District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. He has been a pastor for 28 years in Nebraska, Iowa and now Michigan. He is currently serving St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Colon, MI and Creator’s Praise Ministries, Leonidas, MI.

David grew up outside of Buffalo, NY before his family eventually moved to Northeast Pennsylvania. He met his wife Shawna while attending Concordia College, Ann Arbor. David and Shawna have four children, all married and now four grandchildren out of the womb and two on the way. David says, “A huge music festival and a grandchild, all expected at the same time, WOW! Can it get any better than this?”

David graduated from Concordia College with a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Sociology. He continued his education at Concordia Theological Seminary, St. Louis, MO where he received his Master of Divinity degree. After serving 10 years as a pastor, and shortly following 9/11, David and Shawna felt moved by the Spirit to pursue mission work. Settling in Leonidas, MI, David and Shawna opened En Gedi Campground River Resort. “It just makes sense, if people aren’t coming to church, take the church to the people.”

The Music Festival presents yet another great opportunity to celebrate the life we have in Christ as we actively share that life with others. We truly hope that people come and experience revival. Christians will come and have their faith recharged. Nominal Christians and non-Christians will be exposed to the Gospel and experience new life. Our community and region will benefit from people who come with all of life’s burdens and leave yoked with Christ. “We hope many churches and ministries will join in the opportunity to experience and share a revival we all need.”


“You who have made me see many troubles and calamities will revive me again; from the depths of the earth you will bring me up again.” Psalm 71:20

Development Director - Jesse Burks

Burks, Jesse.jpg

Jesse Burks is the CEO of Tentmaker Music and the new Development Director of the En Gedi Music Festival. After serving as the creative director for the Tentmaker Music stage at last year’s festival, he is excited to step into this new role and continue to contribute, this time for “REVIVE: The 2021 En Gedi Music Festival.”

“This festival is going to be an important moment for Christian culture, for Michigan, and for the church as a whole,” Burks explains, “2020 made it abundantly clear just how desperately we need to see revival in the land, and that’s where our focus is going to be in every aspect of planning this event. This year will be the start of something truly new.”

Although currently residing in North Texas with his wife, Denisse and daughter, Vivienne Jade, Jesse Burks was born and raised in Lansing, MI. He holds a degree in Film and Mass Communication from the University of Central Florida and has a wealth of experience in media, music production, event services, wedding videography and education. Motivated by his faith in Jesus Christ and love for God’s people, Burks has joined forces with Creator's Praise Ministries and the staff of the En Gedi Music Fest, a partnership he firmly believes will culminate in “life-changing breakthrough and a world-changing moment” at this year’s festival in Leonidas, MI.

Promoter - Shawna Grimm


Shawna Grimm is the owner of En Gedi Resort and Canoe Livery, and has taken an active role as Promoter for the En Gedi Music Fest. "We are not only thrilled to be able to provide a great space for the festival, but also very excited to be a part of this growing festival dedicated to sharing Christ!"

Shawna is married to Pastor David Grimm and has four adult children plus six grandchildren.  She is a graduate of Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Michigan with a bachelor's degree specializing in outdoor ministry.  She and Pastor Grimm have owned and operated the campground for 15 years and have been a part of the En Gedi Music Festival (a ministry of Creator's Praise Ministries) since its development. "I love being involved in the festival, and it is definitely one of my favorite times of the year!"

As Promoter, Shawna's job is to book the artists and work with festival staff members to communicate the needs of each artist.

Production Director - Matt Grimm

Matt Grimm

Matt's day job is a mechanical engineer in the medical field. He is raising two crazy boys (the dudes) with his beautiful wife, Meghan. Matt joined the team in our first year having absolutely no idea what this event would turn into or how it would impact his life. The original thought was "Sure, I guess I can help out with engineering/red-necking a stage together and directing praise bands and backstage volunteers." Fast-forward to today, and Matt's life has been consumed with passion for this event. His faith has been reignited with the realization that this is something God is actively calling him to do.


"This has impacted my life and faith in a way that I never would have imagined. In just a few years I have gone from being... basically a great big jerk, to having my life flipped around through a constant interaction with God. I love sitting back and thinking about how God has just ferociously slammed doors in our faces and then opened the next door to something we never would have expected or pursued without His push. That has really been the story of my life for the last few years, a series of very, VERY hard God directed course corrections in my life. I am so glad to be here and to get the opportunity to help organize this amazing event, making and training disciples!! I love this thing." - Matt Grimm

Volunteer Director - Dana Sherman

dana pic.jpg

Dana Sherman is currently the Assistant Administrative Director of Creator’s Praise Ministries and has participated as an En Gedi Music Fest Team Leader since 2018.  She graduated from Centreville High School in Centreville, Michigan and has worked for the government for 33 years.  She is married to Michael Sherman, has five children and eleven grandchildren.  This will be Dana’s second year as Volunteer Coordinator.  “I am excited to show the love of Christ by being “for” our festival volunteers, emphasizing and encouraging each volunteer to grow to their fullest potential.  Each year En Gedi Music Fest needs hundreds of volunteers.  The volunteer is one of the most important aspects of the festival.  One servant heart serving another makes a successful festival for all attendees.  If you would like to use your God given talents to change the lives of the En Gedi Music Fest guests, please sign up at or email Dana. Check out some of our past volunteers or post your picture at #forEGMFvolunteer. 

Music Festival Campground Liason - Heather Neil


Heather is a passionate campground volunteer for En Gedi.  She first discovered the many wonders of this place in summer 2019 and hasn't camped anywhere else since.  Summer 2020 was her first En Gedi Music Festival experience, where she fervently cleaned port a potties, donated face masks she'd sewn, and chickened out meeting the artists she enjoyed.   By day she works as an Accounts Receivable Specialist. By night and weekends, she's an avid outdoor enthusiast, seamstress, knitter, and crafter.  Heather has a servant's heart and is excited to volunteer this year as the Music Festival Campground Liaison.  Stop by the Campground Store and say "hi".  

Treasurer - Meghan Grimm

Admission Team Director - Timothy Grimm

Merchandise Team Director - Gwen Rubio

Hospitality Team Director - Missy Skelton

First Aid Team Director - Deane Grimm, RN